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Ring Recalls 350,000 Video Doorbells Due to Fire Hazard Concerns

Amazon Ring Doorbell recently made an announcement (November 2020) about a recall and potential fire hazard on some of their doorbells. Ring Company specializes in the manufacturing of internet-connected home devices such as smart video doorbells.

Reports from the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission indicated that Amazon’s Ring has recalled 350,000 smart video doorbells due to fire hazard concerns after multiple incidences regarding fire injuries and property damage was reported. Approximately, 2,300 fires have been reported as of November 2020.

In the recall notice, the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission said that Amazon Ring second-generation video doorbells batteries are prone to overheating when incorrect screws are used for installation.

Ring Company confirmed to have received reports of 8 people who had suffered minor burns while property of 85 individuals was destroyed. As of this writing, 23 fires have been reported.

Which video doorbells products are under recall?

The products that are under recall are the second-generation video doorbells that are designed with a blue ring at the front and come in two colors; black and silver (“Satin nickel”) and black and bronze color (“Venetian bronze”).

The model number for these Ring video doorbells is 5UM5E5. Most of them were sold online and as well as on various stores between the period of June 2020 and October 2020. 

Ring is advising buyers to use only the screws and materials that were included in the packaging. If a customer had bought any of the recalled video doorbells, they are advised to stop using them immediately and instead contact Ring Company for a revised installation guide and support.

Customers can easily find out if their video doorbells are among those recalled by just entering their video doorbell’s serial number at Also, Ring website and the Company app is notifying consumers if their video doorbells are under recall.

It has also emerged that apart from the 350,000 potential fire hazard video doorbells that were sold in the U.S market, 8,700 similar models were sold to customers in Canada.

However, PLEASE NOTE – in a statement to its customers, the Ring Company said,

“If the doorbell is installed correctly, there is no risk to consumers or potential hazard present”.

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