Fire Damage

Managing Fire Damage House Repairs

A fire disaster causes a huge damage to your home and is a traumatic and emotionally overwhelming experience.

As a homeowner, understanding the steps to take after experiencing a fire damage incident is the surest way of getting yourself and family back on track. You should never try to repair your house by yourself after a fire damage because it’s a risky and complicated process.

Always leave the fire damage restoration and renovation process to licensed professionals who have the relevant experience and expertise to make the house safe and habitable again.

A fire damaged house restoration process involves 6 key components:

  1. Confirming the house has stabilized and it’s safe to enter
  2. Assessing the damage caused by the fire disaster
  3. Isolation of any unsafe areas
  4. Water removal
  5. Smoke and soot removal
  6. Proper sanitation, decluttering and property clean up

If you can manage to contact a licensed professional who specializes in this work immediately after experiencing a house or business fire damage, the better since you are likely to get affordable repair services.

Apart from losing the physical property, you will also get psychologically affected as the homeowner. There are various professionals who play different roles in a fire damaged house repair process. They include but are not limited to;

  • Mold Testing Company- A team of mold inspectors uses advanced mold testing tools to get the best possible mold testing results. Molding exercise involves taking a sample of air or surface and testing it to find out what kind of mold exists or if the mold found has the capacity to grow in the surface tested.
  • Trauma Counselor- They help home owners of fire damaged houses to come into terms with the feelings and strong emotions that they experience during or after such a traumatic event.
  • Inspection Company- They will inspect the extent of the damaged caused by the fire incidence and give a report outlining best recommendations of the necessary repairs.
  • Boarding & Fencing Company- They are responsible for restoring house boards and the fence if they were destroyed by the fire.
  • Clean Up Companies– To handle all the decluttering and deep cleaning process so as to completely remove soot, chemicals, water and other damaged items.
  • Claims Adjuster- Inspects the property damage arising from the fire disaster to determine how much money the insurance company should pay for the loss incurred.
  • Insurance Agent- They make sure that your home insurance cover that you have been paying for is put into action to cater for repairs and replacement costs. Depending with the cover, your home insurance should also cover any additional expenses that you will incur if you will have to move out of your home.
  • Real Estate Attorney-They help in reviewing all the legal documents before you sign and explaining to you the meaning of various clauses that you might have a problem understanding them.
  • Realtor- They help in sales and marketing of a house with fire damage to prospective home buyers and represent you during negotiations.

And the final key player in this process would be companies such as us –

Fire Damage & Recovery Advisors- Our role in short is Making Sense of the Madness! And our #1 responsibility is serving as an advocate, trusted advisor, and ‘Logistics & Project Manager’ for you, the homeowner.

Whether you are an insured or uninsured homeowner, we can join you in any step of the process to help you organize the missing pieces, navigate the process, and work out the A-Z logistics between ‘complicated and completed’.

Best of all, we earn compensation through our professional networks, so there is no charge to you, the homeowner for our consulting services.

Please reach out to us through our contact form to get the conversation started.

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