Capital Real Estate Group, LLC is a hard working and solutions-oriented boutique real estate investment and consulting firm. 

As Fire Damage & Recovery Advisors we help distressed and overwhelmed homeowners (insured or non-insured) to navigate through the process of rebuilding their house and life after a fire damage incident.

There are not many fire damage house buyers and consulting companies like us in the states (or in the world for that matter). Thus, we’d like to introduce you to some of the tasks we can do for homeowners.

  • Assist with finding trauma recovery & counseling services for you and your loved ones
  • Help with finding temporary / transitional housing for you and your pet(s)
  • Navigate the insurance claim process with you
  • Re-open an insurance claim with just cause (within the statute of limitations)
  • Refer professional, certified, and responsive companies to help you {fill in the blank}
  • Dispose/Sell the fire damaged home if rebuilding or repairing is not an option

Which States Do You Offer Your Services?

We proudly serve the markets where our team members are physically based.


However, given our small specialized industry, we are able to make referrals to our partners who are able to support you in if you live outside out of our primary service areas.

How much does it cost to use your service?

Whether you are an insured or uninsured homeowner, we can join you in any step of the process to help you organize the missing pieces, navigate the process, and work out the A-Z logistics between ‘complicated and completed’. 

Best of all, we earn compensation through our professional networks, so there is no charge to you, the homeowner for our consulting services.

Please reach out to us through our contact form to get the conversation starte